Academia was never my forte, but passion and hard work was. I can't remember not giving everything of myself to a task or project, whether it be my first job at 13, seeing patients as a Chiropractor, or self-publishing three books. I will strive to have a positive impact on your life... that's what you'll get from me.


    • Being a Chiropractor is more of a hobby than a job - I get to fix and help people on a daily basis. However, there are so many things within and around my profession that frustrate me. These are often hearsay perceptions the general public have, which has negatively affected their understanding of their pain or discomfort.
    • Having worked for many years in both the fitness and healthcare industries, it became clear that each profession (personal trainers, chiropractors, osteopaths, physios, even doctors) thought they had a the ULTIMATE remedy for resolving the majority of the worlds musculoskeletal problems. Each profession being as short-sighted as the next.
    • We need to have a uniformed approach and acceptance of the added benefits that other professions offer. This shift is what will change musculoskeletal healthcare for the better in the future.
    • An example, a simple back pain patient that is suffering because they sit for too long in the same position and do not move enough throughout the day. They will need a Chiropractor or Osteopath to help with the back pain, a Personal Trainer to gain more movement, and a Sports massage Therapist to aid the relaxation of the muscles. Not one for all, but all for one.

    • With several clinics and multiple social media profiles it can sometimes be difficult to separate my personal and professional life. Luckily, I love what I do.
    • I live near Wendover in Buckinghamshire with our gorgeous little boy, Jack, and my incredibly supportive partner, Holly. We also have two horses that are stabled locally, that complete our little family.
    • In terms of exercise, football will always be my first love (I'm an Aston Villa fan), however these days I stick to squash and golf and aim to continue to play both to a reasonably competitive level for a good few years yet.
    • I love my extreme sports, as I scuba dive as often as possible, and try to snowboard at least once a year.
    • My dreams for the future include visiting as many different countries as possible, as well as one day, buying some land and building a beautiful family home.
    • I take on numerous projects, with the acceptance that in order to make your mark on the world, you first need to fail lots. Some of my projects include property, massage oil, clothing, insurance, and whatever else stirs me.
  • Too much knowledge is not dangerous, so long as you understand it. This is why I decided to teach and speak in public. Personally, I can not just accept something that I have been told, I have to understand it in order to apply it to the best of my ability.